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Best Garage door service tips

We have scoured the net and came up with these garage door repair tips. Crucial information for you.

Unplug garage door opener unit when leaving home

For safety purposes, the garage opener should be secured by unplugging it when leaving home a long period of time. Some door openers are installed with vacation lock console security check that automatically operates the function of the garage door remote control. This accessory can be installed to any garage doors for additional security.

Install a new side spring

Removing and replacing side springs are not too difficult to do but can be dangerous. It is highly recommended by professionals at Garage Door Repair Prospect Heights to do so to ensure performance of your door. To install a spring, open the door fully and place a clamp on it. The spring should be weaved through the sheaves. Make sure that the spring is not stretched for more than about an inch.

Listen to the noisy springs

When garage door springs get noisy, they might need lubrication maintenance or replacement. The specialists of our company in Prospect Heights suggest that you would check the manual to see when the springs' replacement is due to avoid dealing with snapped springs that might injure you.

Learn the emergency release feature

Many garage doors, especially the newer ones, have an emergency release feature, but not all homeowners are familiar with how it works. Reading the user manual and learning about the emergency features of a garage door can and will help you avoid possible accidents. Our experts strongly recommend this to all homeowners.

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