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Gate Repair Services

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We pride ourselves in providing full, professional services not only for garage doors but also for gates. Garage Door Repair Prospect Heights employs technicians with special knowledge of both systems and assures you of their excellent work. We are trained to service garage doors and gates and follow every manufacturer specification and safety standard in order to ensure the job is done perfectly. As experienced technicians in garage door as well as residential gate openers, we ensure great electric repair services. We guarantee stability, safety and great performance and are here to solve problems, find solutions and make your life better.

Gate Repair in Prospect Heights

Gate services by our specialized technicians

As far as electric gate repair services are concerned, we are experts. There is no need we cannot cover and are totally prepared in terms of knowledge and technical foundations to assist you. We are here to offer:

Gate opener repair services

We provide immediate gate opener service regardless of the problem since operators are important for people's safety. For this reason, the first thing we check is the sensors and are ready to replace them if they are not working properly. We are outstanding opener repair specialists and our work will fix things fast. Our same day preventive opener maintenance service is also a good way to avoid problems and you can be sure for the thoroughness of our technicians.

Swing gate adjustment

Swing gate hinges and posts are the main parts of the mechanism which will make movement unsteady and cause significant balance problems. So, we check them thoroughly and make sure the hinges are in excellent condition, stable with good welding and well lubricated and the posts are level and free of damage. In a different case, we repair their problems right away to ensure good balance.

Rolling gate chain replacement

We lubricate the chain and are available for the adjustment of its tension but when it is damaged and beyond repair, we immediately replace it. We make sure the new one is installed properly and see if other parts are damaged in order to replace them as well so that the chain will operate properly.

Gate post repair

We provide immediate swing gate post repair. We make sure they are level and stand up straight in order to ensure good gate movement. Our technicians have the expertise to reinforce their foundations and replace them if they are ruined.

Gate intercom service

We are top in intercom installation but are also here to repair these systems when they malfunction. Our technicians do not only have excellent knowledge of gate phone entry systems but they are also often updated with novelties. This way, we keep track of the requirements of the newest systems and have the capacity to inform our customers when they are interested for a new installation or provide great intercom repair.

All services of our company are identified by their perfection. Apart from being trained experts in electric gate repair and installation services, we are also careful and very dedicated in each job in order to ensure great performance, stability and safety. We are here to take your calls when you have concerns or questions and our technical teams are available for same day repairs and emergency services. In any case, the results of our work are spectacular because we care to offer you the best in services.

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