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Garage Door Springs

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Garage Door SpringsOur garage door company in Prospect Heights is proud to be labeled as garage door springsexperts.  At Garage Door Repair Prospective Heights we have spent a business lifetime in an attempt to earn the respect of our community for looking out for their best garage door service interests.  In the long run our garage door contractor has been able to accomplish this task because we genuinely do care about our customers.  We are well aware of the dangers surrounding repairing, replacing, and installing garage door springs.  It is for this reason that our Prospective Heights Garage Door Repair Company has focused so hard on this service.

Excellence identifies every single technician at our garage door service provider. Our company wouldn't settle with professionals who lack the skills and the courtesy to help out clients with attention. We don't simply offer full home garage door services but we'll also be there when you will want our expert opinion about insulated doors or new age openers. We proudly work with exceptional installers and have the efficiency required in garage door repair specialists. You can trust us for overhead door installation, the maintenance of electric garage systems and all repair services. We have a great reputation and we prove it every time we work for you and with you to sort out problems.

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At Prospective Heights Garage Door Repair we know there are a lot of DIY adventurers out there. We sincerely applaud those who take the time to complete household tasks that will save them money in the long run; but it must be said clearly and with due respect that garage door springs is not a project from which to earn your wings.  Our broken spring repair/replacement service is designed so that our garage door professionals can take the risk repairing, replacing, or installing garage door springs. The bottom line is quite simple; we don’t want any of our customers to get hurt.

You can get garage door springs in two basic types and we carry a variety of each on our trucks.  It is best to start with the torsion spring because it is the most dangerous.  These springs always come in a pair.  You have to approach these like automobile breaks in the sense that if one breaks you need to replace both.  When you are installing a heavy door like one made out of steel for example; you want to use the torsion.  It is mounted at the door center; one on the right and one on the left.  This provides leverage so that the door can be lifted more securely.  This spring is wound incredibly tight and if it were to snap back it could easily deliver a fatal blow.  We state again; always let a professional mount this spring.

Our garage door contractor in Prospective Heights also carries the extension spring. This spring is also wound very tight and can deliver a blow capable of presenting severe injury or death.  However, this spring is used on the far left and right of the garage door because it does not require the same leverage as torsion.  The extension is used for doors that are lighter; like an aluminum door for example.

You can find both the extension and the torsion in galvanized garage door springs as well.  These springs are bonded to 3600 psi using a metallic reaction process mixing iron and zinc. This process does not introduce super strength; but rather the ability to look good and survive the elements for longer periods of time.  You can expect to pay a little more for these but keep in mind they are designed to last up to 9 decades.

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