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Consumers are more than welcome here. Get educated with FAQs for garage door repair. 

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When I am away from home for a long time, how can I lock my garage door?

Manually locking your garage door with slide bolt locks can be done. But please remember not to operate your garage door opener whenever your slide bolts are still engaged. This will greatly damage your door. Hence, a professional of Garage Door Repair Prospect Heights recommends having your garage door opener unplugged.

Should I buy a used garage door?

Buying a new garage door is needed when the old one is already facing problems with opening and closing. These issues are often caused by broken or damaged springs and cables. These parts of the garage door are very dangerous when not taken care of. They can be serious causes of accidents and other life safety concerns in your household. A new door is still better than spending time and money for repair of used ones.

Does my garage door or opener need a tune-up?

Just like you would tune up your vehicle, a garage door tune-up is also recommended by. Any door is opened and closed up to four times a day and there are many moving parts that need to function in tandem with each other. A regular tune-up will ensure that door and opener works with minimal or no noise, and roll up and down faultlessly.

What happens if the door is stopped halfway?

Most of the times this happens due to a garage door cable off the drum! Garage Door Repair Prospect Heights reminds you that the cable might be under garage door spring tension and that's why you should refrain from trying to repair the problem alone. Avoid closing the door or you may ruin the tracks.

Is the door thicker with insulation?

This is not usually the case but it will also depend on your choices. The size of the door differs if you choose double or triple layer panels. In most cases with polyurethane insulation materials, the door is not thicker because it spreads equally. This is not always the case with polystyrene insulation materials.

How often should maintenance be done?

Monthly maintenance checkups are good. But it would be best to get a thorough checkup at least twice a year. Make sure that your garage doors are checked once a month so that all problems pertaining to your doors or garage door opener can be diagnosed right away. Just inspect the parts to see if there is any wear and tear.

Why should we tighten fasteners often?

By fasteners we mean the little screws or bolts, which secure garage door parts on other parts or iron angles. They fasten hinges and brackets and their importance is immense for the door's stability. Over time and due to the constant movement of the door, they might become loose and produce noises. They need tightening so that there won't be danger from loose parts.

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