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How to Inspect Garage Door Parts

11/28/2014 Back To Blog

Inspection is a major component of garage door maintenance. It involves checking the moving metal parts of the system for damage. It is best if inspection is carried out two times a year. If you know how to do it properly, you will be able to keep your door in good condition and help to prevent major damage and accidents. Use valuable advice that will help you with the inspection.

Inspection Based on Part Specifics

How to Inspect Garage Door PartsThe check should be well organized. You can run it from the top down and begin with the garage door springs. You need to watch out for rust, dents, chips and visible deformation. If you have extension springs, you have to check their safety cables for damage, wear and tear and fraying as well. The professionals of our garage door repair company in Prospect Heights recommend the immediate replacement of damaged springs and safety cables.

After you have checked the springs, you have to move onto the extension cables. Check them for wear and tear, cuts and fraying. You should pay close attention to the part of the cable at the bottom bracket as it gets worn-out more quickly. You need to confirm that the cables are running properly as well. If there is a garage door cable off the drum, it has to be fixed timely.

The tracks have to be inspected for proper alignment and bending. If the components of the tracks are not properly aligned, they should be adjusted and set firmly into place with the tightening of the bolts which hold them. Any missing bolts must be replaced. You should check closely for bending. Proper bent garage door track repair has to be provided without delay. This is important since the bending can have an adverse impact on the operation of the door and cause damage to the rollers.

The garage door rollers and hinges require careful inspection as well. You have to inspect the wheels for damage and breakage. The stems may have got twisted or broken. Check the bearings for signs of wear and tear. You need to ensure that the hinges are screwed firmly into place. There should not be any loose ones. You need to check the hinges for bending as well. If they are bent, they have to be straightened or replaced depending on the severity of the problem.

Any problems with the garage door parts must be resolved timely even if they seem small. This will help you to ensure the effective and safe operation of the system and save money.

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