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Garage door safety tips

10/17/2013 Back To Blog

Modern garage doors are highly automated, which might cause issues of safety to arise in case anything happens and they open or close when not required. Thus, it is essential to perform routine inspection and maintenance to ensure the door functions properly as required. Thorough inspection of all the parts of the door should always be carried out routinely to maintain high levels of safety.

Inspect alignment of the door

The biggest component of the garage door is the door itself that one should always ensure it is perfectly aligned and adjusted as required. Failure to do so can result in the door slamming down without any warning when something or someone is passing. If this happens it can result in serious injuries or even cause a fatality. Hence, it is important to carry out a routine inspection to ensure the door is perfectly aligned and adjusted to where it is supposed to be.

Use the right size of the opener

The opener used for any garage door should always be the right size to perfectly support the door's weight. Using in appropriate openers can result in consistent failure of operation of the door. You can contact us so that our technicians can ascertain whether your opener is the right size for your door. By law, all openers must be fitted with a sensor that prevents the door from shutting when something or someone is on the path of closure.

Ensure the corner brackets are intact

The corner brackets are the other dangerous parts of the garage door that should always be inspected to ensure they are intact. They are located at the bottom of the door and are responsible for lifting it. Whenever loose they can result in injuries to anyone close.

Take care of the garage door springs

The springs act as one of the most dangerous parts in terms of functionality. They are responsible for holding the tension of the door, which if not properly held and maintained can release the door tension.

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